Gold Coast Deck Builders, Adding Property Value to your Homes

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  • 02 Nov, 2017

Timber Deck Builders Making Memory Center in Gold Coast

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If we did an aerial shot of houses on the Gold Coast we would probably find that a huge number would have a deck at the back of the house. If we look at the average deck what would we see, what makes a deck?
You would see a whole bunch of wooden planks usually, these would be held together by a whole lot of nails or screws, maybe some paint or varnish. You would most likely see some metal fixtures, yes, the sometimes humble, or super exotic timber deck located out the backyard of a house on the Gold Coast might be a simple or extreme construction, but in reality, if we look deeper it’s far more than that.
Yes, the deck has a lot more going for it, it can be the soul or the center of a house, it can be an entertainment center, a relations center but one most important thing? It can be a Memory center.
Yes, the memory of the BBQ’s with Family at Christmas and Public Holidays, Wine and Cheese on a sensational Sunday Afternoon, Great breakfasts on a beautiful early morning, Weddings, 21st Birthdays’, Watching Bathurst with a bunch of mates.
The Deck? Is a lot more than many planks of wood and some nails or screws.
Want to create your own memory Center? Why not give us a call at the deck builders when it comes to the Gold Coast? We are the best at designing, and building Memory Centers or as they are also known Decks and Pergolas.
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Living and Working on the Gold Coast can sometimes be stressful, yes it has Sun and Sand but it’s also a large busy City, a lot of people, traffic and it can all get a bit too much for us all sometimes, we all need to have the opportunity to relax . Easy for me to say you might be thinking, work to do bills to pay, but it’s something we should take the time to do, take some “Chill Time for me”
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If we did an aerial shot of houses on the Gold Coast we would probably find that a huge number would have a deck at the back of the house. If we look at the average deck what would we see, what makes a deck?
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So, you’re thinking about hiring deck builders to build a deck for your lovely Gold Coast home? You must be asking yourself, “So what would be the real advantage” well, first obvious one is a new deck will add value to your trusty family abode, but life is not always about money and for all we know you may have your heart set on living among the Sunshine and Palm trees for the rest of your life.
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Timber deck. What ideas pop into your head when you hear the words timber deck? Fresh, green scent of grass from outdoor? Peeking sun rays from the trees? Chirping of birds flying freely? We have the same idea I must say and that’s what decks should be made for relaxing and feeling the nature without leaving home. A great deck? is an extension of your home.

It can be built straight over concrete or other stable structures because timber decks are like extended living space outside our home. It gives emphasis to our house in every angle especially when it is beautifully finished and designed to be natural-looking. 

Deck Builders  are everywhere in Gold Coast and South Brisbane nowadays. There are a lot of names you can choose from when searching for someone to install a  timber deck  on your home. But according to so many satisfied customers of ours, Decks N' Pergolas is the most professional  decking company on the Gold Coast  and South Brisbane. We provide quality works at a very competitive price, delivering your home a sturdy and beautiful deck that you will surely enjoy for so many years.

The cost of our timber decks varies depending on the material we use. It is important for us to know what you need for a deck and we will make it right away based on your budget and requirement.

Now, if you are looking for a place to rest and relax without travelling, call Decks N' Pergolas, the best decking company in Gold Coast and have a timber deck installed on your home. You can enjoy the gust of fresh air in the morning or the cold breeze at the nightfall just right at your doorstep.

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There is something special about Timber deck, it’s almost like it’s nature’s way of getting us all to relax. Maybe some part of the years of a tree swaying back and forth in the wind, being touched by the rays of the sun for many years finds its way into the grain and when it’s transformed into a piece of furniture or in our case  decking and a pergola company ? It just gives us a feeling of comfort and we just start to wind down.

On the Gold Coast with the great climate we have, your outdoor space is an extension of your home or business and truly a ‘living area’ you can enjoy and add value to your property. Beautiful, warm  timber decks  by Decks N Pergolas gives you a natural looking, beautifully finished new surroundings from every angle to look at and creates an awesome place to relax.

When you decide to install a new deck with professional  deck builders , or renovate an existing one, navigating all the options for decking materials can be overwhelming, with so many different types and shades of timber decking to choose from,  Decks N Pergolas  can help you select the deck that's right for you. It’s not just the Gold Coast we have built sensational decks and pergolas we also cover Tweed, Northern Rivers & Southern Brisbane.

So if you’re looking at that space and are thinking “What a great spot for a place to relax”, or that deck you have now is looking a little worse for wear, maybe just give us a call and we can sit down together and make a great plan to transform that space into a true “Living Area”

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Pergolas and Decks are one of the first additions to homes on the Gold Coast and as they involve construction, a lot of things you need to consider before you put the hammer to nail. One of the first things on your list: Should you do it yourself - the  deck builder jobs  ?

Decks and Pergolas have been in the business for over twenty years on the Gold Coast and we have discussed the DIY Option with a substantial number of people before they became our customers. So, let us give you what we think is the main reason you should look at  professional deck builders  for that new addition to your house.

As we mentioned, it's a construction project and that brings up many rules and regulations, the need for permits, discussion with local councils at Northern Rivers and South Brisbane and legit  decking companies  have much experience at that.

Permits, mean you will need plans, and drawings outlining specifications another reason our expertise will be an asset for you. If we examine the design part of the project - It's what we have done for over twenty years and we have many satisfied customers to prove that. You won't get stuck with some design you get off the Internet, we will make something special like  timber decks  that will serve for years and add value to your home.

So, if we go back to the DIY Question, we must say that getting the team of  Decks and Pergola Builders  to design, arrange all documents, build quality, have it all done within your budget - will give you, even more, reason to sit back, relax and enjoy your new addition once it's done.

That's a much better option!  

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